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The Energy Net

Welcome to the Home Page for The Energy Net, a proposal to solve Global Climate Change.

The goal is to set the world on a course to replace all fossil fuel based energy with solar energy, aligning the motivations of the relevant political, business, technical and social groups upon a common path.

A brief outline of the plan:

Phase I - 2500 square mile Tract of Solar “Farmers Market”

The government provides the land (chosen from over a million square miles of federal land), basic infrastructure and transmission lines to the grid. Entrepreneurs can lease land, install solar energy and get a monthly paycheck as soon as the first panel is installed. The bureaucracy and other barriers to entry disappear.

All equipment must be produced in the U.S., which provides incentive and critical mass for private industry to build manufacturing of solar panels on a large scale.

Prices go down per the Swanson Effect (goal is 80%). If necessary, provide another 2500 square mile tract.

Solar becomes the cheapest energy source by far.

Phase II - “Micronetworked” power, national net metering

Universal net-metering - anyone who plugs in can push power back into the grid, and get paid. Small business owners, farmers, homeowners, individuals are invited to make extra cash by buying cheap solar energy panels and plugging into the grid.

Develop the technology and standards.

This makes the technology fluid, and exportable.


Bottom line, this plan aligns the motivations of the primary actors. Even climate change skeptics will recognize the magnitude of the economic benefits of this plan, and how "Make America Great Again" President Trump could easily support it.

The details of this plan are many, you can read all about it by looking at the slides, or by reading the book.

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See the Slide Presentation
This is the set of slides to be presented at the Berkeley conference on Climate Change, April 21, 2018.

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The Mini-Ice Age Theory

By the way, if you happen to subscribe to the theory that we are headed to a mini-ice age (a theory supported by a great deal of evidence and many noted scientists), this is still a good idea. But rather than replacing fossil fuels, it will be needed to augment other fuel sources to help the human race survive.

If you are familiar with the sun cycles in this theory, then you know the last mini-ice age coincided with severe famines that caused the plague and resulted in the deaths of half of the population of Europe. And you may also know that the theory suggests the next mini-ice age might begin in the next ten years.

About Tim

The proposal, the slides and the book are works of Tim Kaelin (Note: that Joseph A. Gilbertson is the pseudonym he uses for writing. This is a secret, so Shhhh....).

Tim has advanced degrees in engineering and international business. He is CEO of Impact Analytics, and does original research in Mass Influence, Propaganda Theory, Political Policy, Game Theory and AI. He is a conservative Republican by nature and part of his business is to run websites and provide management services for clients seeking this kind of content. Before his career as an entrepreneur, he spend 12 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, and has traveled to more than 30 countries.

Beware though, despite his seriousness about the Energy Net, Tim is originally a farmboy from Kentucky. So if you talk about cow farts as an influence on climate change, he will make fun of you.

Tim can be reached for comment at


The following scientists, environmentalists and business leaders have heard the presentation for the Energy Net at a scientific conference and have agreed that it should become U.S. policy as a full or partial solution to climate change. Their endorsements are humbly and gratefully appreciated.

Dr. Hector Guevara, Founder and President, NuEnergy Group, Inc
Hector M Guevara is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and President of various corporations, including NuEnergy Group, Inc., previously a Public Company, trading on the OTC, and now being held inactive (operations/trading stopped). He has devoted the past 35 years to the research and development of renewable energy systems. His companies designed and or produced many of the most notable solar, wind, and hydroelectric systems deployed throughout the world. The results of his research and development have been assigned to his new Florida Corporation; NuEnergy Technologies Corp. He is a patent and co-patent holder in various sustainable energy and propulsion technologies. He has also been the recipient of various grants from Federal Govt. Agencies, e.g., NASA/SATOP, DOE (SBIR), United Nation’s UNICEF, and others. Dr. Guevara is well known as a visionary and innovative scientist, engineer and businessman, and a long-time leader in renewable energy solutions, as well as systems for the rail and transit industries. He installed the solar system in the White House in 1979. In the late 90’s his company, Hytech Industries Corp., worked with Bombardier and Alsthom Transportation and produced the control cab cubicles for Amtrak’s high-speed rail cars and locomotives. In 2003 his company worked with the Army Corps of Engineers and was the prime contractor to build the control systems for a hydroelectric plant in Virginia. ABB Power Systems Group was a subcontractor to his company.

Dave White C H E, Chemical Engineer
Dave White C H E is a Chemical Engineer, currently working on climate change. He has 30 years’ experience since graduation in 1984. Promoting responsibility to environment and health of all species. He graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1984. During the time at Oregon State University, he has worked on a cross flow counter current scrubber for coal fired power plants. Then he moved to Hillsboro with his wife and worked in Semiconductors. In 2006, he, along with Dr. Tom Wallow produced a paper on ArF double patterning for semiconductors. This multi-pattering scheme is widely used in today’s semiconductor manufacturing plants. In 2011, he started a consulting business for Semiconductors. In 2017, he has started Climate Change Truth Research Inc. His research interests are evaporation from the ocean, rainforest destruction effects and diffusion of CO2 through the atmosphere. Recently presented at The 5th World Conference on Climate Change, in New York, with topic Discovery: Reduction in photosynthesis correlation to atmospheric CO2 increase

Dr. Thomas Wysmuller, scientist,
Tom Wysmuller forecast weather at Amsterdam’s Royal Dutch Weather Bureau after studying Meteorology at NYU and Stanford. Selected for a future executive NASA internship, he worked throughout NASA and its Directorates before, during, and after the Moon Landings. He became Administration Director of the government operations at Pratt & Whitney and held Insurance Industry Executive and Board positions. The polynomial regression mathematics, algorithms or code, he personally produced after leaving NASA, is used by almost all climate scientists on the planet for analytical and modeling. He lectures worldwide on the SCIENCE/DATA needed to understand climate. In 2008, he was highlighted in the “50th Anniversary of NASA” issue of AIAA’s “Horizons” magazine. He was the meteorologist member of 2012’s NASA 49 and NASA 41; Scientists, Astronauts, Engineers, and NASA Field Center Directors requesting improvements in NASA’s handling of climate issues. He chaired “Water Day” in 2013 at UNESCO-IHE, the world’s leading water research graduate center, and went on to chair the Oceanographic Section of the massive 2016 World Congress on Oceans in Qingdao, China. His http://www. has gone viral. He recently presented at The 5th World Conference on Climate Change, in New York, with topic The effects of ocean circulation on formation of the great ice ages

Dr. Manal M Zaki,Professor, Cairo University
Manal M Zaki is a Professor of Animal Hygiene and Management at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. She is currently the Advisory and Manager of Veterinary Quality Control and Diagnosis Laboratory in SPF project, Agricultural Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt and the Technical Adviser and the Executive Director of the united company Covalent for livestock development.

Dr. Quang Nguyen, Researcher, University of Mississippi
Quang Nguyen obtained his Ph.D. degree in Engineering Science from the University of Mississippi in the United States. He earned his M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering and Science from Hiroshima University in Japan. He has 13 years of experience in both academia and industry in the field of environmental science and engineering, emphasis in climate change, coastal hazards, and coastal floods. He has worked for 13 projects funded by prestigious sources such as the U.S. Department of Transportation, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and MacArthur Foundation. He has published numerous papers in journals and international conferences. His research interests focus on geospatial analysis of extreme weather impacts on the built environment and disaster resilience management of transportation infrastructure, floodplain modeling, water resources management, transportation and land use planning, application of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing in environmental studies and natural disaster management.

Dr. Neal Eash, Professor of Soil Science, University of Tennessee
Seasoned scientist who excels in diverse environments. More than 24 years experience in soils teaching, research, and extension; has ongoing soils research on three continents. Provided forthright evaluations to many businesses and organizations including, non-profit, for profit, government, and academia. Focused on sustainable agricultural and soil management practices. PI on USAID grant (2009-2014; Lesotho) for improving crop yields and documenting C sequestration in subsistence, no-till agriculture, also a PI on a USAID Ethiopia.

Dr. Ada Metaliu, Agrarian Economist in Agricultural University of Tirana
Ada Metaliu has her expertise in agrarian economy. She has been awarded with Ph.D. Scholarship in Socio-economic modeling related to climate change by IPCC and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. She also received a Master degree in Business management from International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies. She worked for FAO as National Consultant, Gender research assistant and translator in Albania. She became a Climate Leader in Climate Reality Project, Pittsburgh (United States) 2017. She also participated in Climate Change Adaptation" workshop, National ECRAN Adaptation Teams Launch workshop for Balkan (step A, B1, B2) Financed by the TAIEX “Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission.” She recently presented at The 5th World Conference on Climate Change, in New York, with topic Agriculture vulnerability under climate change

James Dalhgren, MD, retired Assistant Professor from UCLA School of Medicine
James Dahlgren is a Board-Certified Internist, retired Assistant Professor from UCLA School of Medicine. He has been in Private Practice of Internal Medicine with a sub specialty in Toxicology for over forty years. He has studied and treated thousands of patients with toxic chemical injuries including numerous victims of toxic chemical poisoning including the subjects dramatized in the Erin Brockovich movie. He has been treating and evaluating people with exposures to toxic chemicals since the 1970’s. Author of: Source Book of Asbestos Diseases: Medical, Legal and Engineering Aspects which is a widely used reference book in this industry.

Patrick Talbott, MS Environmental Planning, University of Southern California
He was co-presenter at The 5th World Conference on Climate Change, in New York, with topic Prevalence of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) in sugar creek residents with Dr. James Dahlgren.

Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics (
Nils-Axel Mörner has completed his PhD in Quaternary Geology at Stockholm University in 1969. He was Head of the Institute of Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics (P&G) at Stockholm University from 1991 up to his retirement in 2005. He has written hundreds of research papers and several books. He has presented more than 500 papers at major international conferences. He has undertaking field studies in 59 different countries. The P&G Institute became an international center for global sea level change, paleoclimate, paleoseismics, neotectonics, paleomagnetism, Earth rotation, planetary -solar-terrestrial interaction, etc. His books includes: “Earth Rheology, Isostasy and Eustasy” (Wiley, 1984), “Climate Change on a Yearly to Millennial Basis” (Reidel, 1984), “Paleoseismicity of Sweden: a novel paradigm” (P&G-print, 2003), “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” (P&G -print, 2007), “The Tsunami Threat: Research & Technology” (InTech, 2011), “Geochronology: Methods and Case Studies” (InTech, 2014) and “Planetary Influence on the Sun and the Earth, and a Modern Book-Burning” (Nova, 2015).

Selkh Chouaib, Researcher in Ecology and Environment, ADRAR University, Algeria
Dr Chouaib was a presenter at The 5th World Conference on Climate Change, in New York, with topic Current Evolution and Future of the Vegetable Biodiversity in the North-West of the Algerian Sahara Acacias in Northern Sahara, An Ecosystem with an Uncertain Future

Gbuejie Daniel Chidubem, CEO Team 54 Project
Gbujie Daniel Chidubem's major interest is the protection environment and promotion of sustainable development goals among developing nations in Africa. He works temporarily within a Teaching Hospital in Rivers State, Nigeria for over six years as a medical officer. An advocate for youth empowerment through education, an environmental activist and an advocate of better health care delivery in Nigeria and West Africa. He has published articles, editorial and made numerous international presentations on sustainable development goals especially on health and leadership challenges. He serves on several local and national boards in Nigeria, an associate member of the World Medical Association, the Chief Volunteer Coordinator of Sure Health Organization an NGO and an official with Junior Doctors of Africa, currently an Atlas Corp Fellow for 2017 and was a delegate to the last UN climate change convention in Marrakesh Morocco.


The following are highly intelligent people who have endorsed the Energy Net, but whom I have not met.

Frank Valentine, Retired Engineer/MSEE

CDR Bernard C. McDonald, MSC, MS, CIH, REM, CHMM, CSP, U. S. Navy


Bill Rice, CEO Ritron, Inc.

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