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The Energy Net

Welcome to the Home Page for The Energy Net, a proposal to solve Global Climate Change.

The goal is to set the world on a course to replace all fossil fuel based energy with solar energy, aligning the motivation of the relevant political, business, technical and social groups upon a common path.

A brief outline of the plan:

Phase I - 2500 square mile Tract of Solar “Farmers Market”

The government provides the land (chosen from over a million square miles of federal land), basic infrastructure and transmission lines to the grid. Entrepreneurs can lease land, install solar energy and get a monthly paycheck as soon as the first panel is installed. The bureaucracy and other barriers to entry disappear.

All equipment must be produced in the U.S., which provides incentive and critical mass for private industry to build manufacturing of solar panels on a large scale.

Prices go down (goal is 80%). If necessary, provide another 2500 square mile tract.

Solar becomes the cheapest energy source by far.

Phase II - “Micronetworked” power, national net metering

Universal net-metering - anyone who plugs in can push power back into the grid, and get paid. Small business owners, farmers, homeowners, individuals are invited to make extra cash by buying cheap solar energy panels and plugging into the grid.

Develop the technology and standards.

This makes the technology fluid, and exportable.


Bottom line, this plan aligns the motivations of the primary actors. Even climate change skeptics will recognize that the magnitude of the economic benefits of this plan, and how "Make America Great Again" President Trump could easily support it.

The details of this plan are many, you can read all about it by looking at the slide, or by reading the book.

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You can order the book on Amazon, or just download it in PDF form.

See the Slide Presentation
This is the set of slides to be presented at the Berkeley conference on Climate Change, April 21, 2018.

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About Tim

The proposal, the slides and the book are works of Tim Kaelin (Note: that Joseph A. Gilbertson is the pseudonym he uses for writing. This is a secret, so Shhhh....).

Tim has advanced degrees in engineering and international business. He is CEO of Impact Analytics, and does original research in Mass Influence, Propaganda Theory, Political Policy, Game Theory and AI. He is a conservative Republican by nature and part of his business is to run websites and management services for clients seeking this kind of content. Before his career as an entrepreneur, he spend 12 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, and has traveled to more than 30 countries.

Beware though, despite his seriousness about the Energy Net, Tim is originally a farmboy from Kentucky. So if you talk about cow farts as an influence on climate change, he will make fun of you.

Tim can be reached for comment at

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